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Image of visitors appreciating work

Ojiya-shi synthesis culture exhibition began (November 16)

Ojiya-shi synthesis culture exhibition began with collection of comfort building. Kamakura carving, approximately 400 points of works including picture letter are displayed in meeting place. Woman who visited appreciation from the city on Thursday on 16th told, "we think that everyday effort of whom a lot of masterpieces were exhibited at was shown"....
Image of fire prevention parade in super shop

Firefighting Festival was carried out (November 13)

We put together for autumn fire prevention campaign season, and firefighting Festival was performed in supermarket of city Hirasawa. In shop, fire prevention parade by children of authorized child institution horsetail kindergarten, Yoshitani nursery school, Iwasawa nursery school, Masato nursery school and announcement of yosakoiyao game were performed. In addition, member of firefighting team is tea for enlightenment...

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