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Image with parent and child lighting candle

Hot plaza festival was held (September 15, 16th)

Hot plaza festival was held in hot plaza (working youth home) and east Ojiya physical education center, and approximately 800 visitors came. At the eve on 15th, it was lighted candle with sunset by hand of all of working youth home user meetings and visitors....

Image of participant deciding the town to throw dart, and to explore

Meeting to organize was performed in interesting X straightness that youth of Ojiya predominated and worked on town development (September 16)

We held workshop to make Ojiya where city Board of Education "wanted to continue living" in targeting at all of Ojiya residence, working in the 20s and 30s, and 15 participated. Put scenery that was worried about while participant divided into three groups walks the town decided in dart in photograph, map...

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