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Image of colored carp market full of vigor

The first auction of colored carp market was carried out (April 13)

In JA colored carp market in Iwama bare wood, "the first auction" of this year was carried out. Colored carp which producer of the prefecture put great deal of effort on that day and brought up was picked up on case called 232 popular name "ships" and was knocked down in sequence. This colored carp market is performed until November. In market of approximately 30 buy; assistant...
Image of opera

Ojiya community opera 2018 was staged (April 8)

As Civic Center renewal performance, opera "excellent remedy of love" was staged in Civic Center coliseum. This performance was carried out by baritone from Ojiya-shi, appeal of Hiroki Shinada, and on the day 34 Citizens' Choir which gathered by open call for participants stood to the stage with four professional opera singers. saku...

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