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Image of member of fire department checking indoor fire alarm

Check such as fire alarms was carried out in elderly person's house (November 14, 15th)

To autumn fire prevention campaign, single life elderly person's house fire prevention visit was carried out. Member of fire department and member of firefighting team, the staff of Council of Social Welfare, the staff of Tohoku Electric Power went around, and they visited 13 households this time in two days. 84-year-old woman who had a visit for as "is single life when check in this way relief...

Image of monument "connection"

oja - runi monument was installed (November 10)

Monument "connection" was installed in oja - runo lawn open space. This was produced so that it was symbol of facility loved as place where there was interchange, experience, learning while feeling nature to be by many people. In Suginami-ku which is the interchange local government of Ojiya-shi as for the design of monument flatter...

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