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Image of God in case of Sakuracho, Ninomiya district

Event of small New Year holidays was carried out in various places throughout the city

There was report of God in case of approximately 80 in the firefighting headquarters, and most were holding on January 14 this year. In each venue, we ate dried cuttlefish and rice cake which we baked by fire of a large number of one gasaino God and prayed for perfect state of health for one year this year. We made an elaborate plans with each area including behavior and fortune rice cake firewood of liquor and pork miso soup, mandarin orange...
Image of children pleased on seeing eyebrows ball decoration

"A Happy New Year meeting" was held (January 12)

"A Happy New Year meeting" was held in bowl park and 48 families participated and celebrated the New Year. It was made with the decoration and kadomatsu decoration of eyebrows ball decoration, and announcement of ambition of this year was performed, and happy voice of children sounded through venue. 3-year-old girl who participated "can decorate eyebrows ball...

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