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Festival of two wild states was carried out (from 14 to 16 on July)

For from Saturday, July 14 to 16th (Marine Day), festival of two wild states was carried out. "Medium grandfather" (prefecture designation) and "banner year lion dance" of folk cultural assets (city designation) was shown in each place including two wild Shinto shrines and festival open space of Honcho. In addition, at night on 15th Sunday, 16th (Marine Day) Honcho...

Image of participant taking souvenir picture in garden of village of colored carp

Palpitation girls-only gathering was held (July 15)

We took a walk through the city in Ojiya chijimi, and event to talk about "action for marriage" rotated, and it was held by support center. On the day did in serious heat, but participant walks venue of festival of two wild state held in yukata of Ojiya chijimi on the same day, and observe village of colored carp; and comfort shin...

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