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Image of student providing coffee

Free cafe service was carried out (January 16)

As part of off campus training that student of general support school applied to working, we gave free cafe free in former Ojiya General Hospital. Nevertheless, visitor visited venue in sequence, and approximately 50 people came in snow at short opening time called 50 minutes. Everybody who came "only as for nephew than coffee to drink in house...

Image of God in case of zuigyokushinsha in castle

Event of small New Year holidays was carried out in various places throughout the city

There was report of God in case of approximately 70 in the firefighting headquarters, and most were held this year on January 13. In each venue, we ate dried cuttlefish and rice cake which we baked by fire of a large number of one gasaino God and prayed for perfect state of health for one year this year. As for the event, manners and customs vary according to areas for small New Year holidays, behavior or fortune rice cake firewood of amazake...

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